footpathLots of action with recent roadworks in the Bay. After the Moana Road storm water rebuild last year, Telecom/Chorus deposited a green box close to the junction of Moana & the main road – to improve the broadband network.

Hutt City decided to improve the safety of the pedestrian crossing at this same junction, by moving it 4 metres to the south. In addition, they plan to widen the footpath into the roadway, either side of the crossing. This makes folk more visible whilst waiting to cross.

The Council approached the local business owners along the strip, to consider continuing a wider footpath in front of the Cafes with a cost sharing model. 

Voila – shortly this project will be complete & the Cafes will be able to offer dining on the footpath – a welcome option for early morning winter sun!

Minutes of Days Bay Residents Association AGM Wed 20 August 2008 – Chocolate Dayz Cafe, 614 Marine Drive, Days Bay – opening 7.10pm. There was a short audio visual show of historic photos & recent photos of projects & activities during the past year.
Present – Bob & Jacqui Fairburn, Hayley & Gary Crawford, Gerry Thyne & Stephanie Middleton, Mary Greig, Simon Hoyle & Janet Andrews, John & Joan Martin, Maggie & John Rainey Smith, John Butt & annette Begg, Rebecca Chevalier, Liz & Brian Nightengale, Robyn & Roger Cooper, Kevin Martin, John & Edith Gates, Jeff & Mary Tallon, Chris & Ian Sliper, Michelle & Warren Bolger, Valierie Blennerhassett, Ginny & John Horricks, Diane & Terry Seward, Louise & Noel Smith, Gail Dallamore, Jim Mitchell, Jan Heine, Frank Fitzgerald
Apologies – Cameron Sanders, Blair & Judith Treadwell, Owen & Jenny Symmans, Arnold Heine, Elliot Dawson, Barry Clayton, Margaret Press, Ian & Lynne Miller, Spencer & Diane Logan
Minutes of last AGM read – motion to be taken as read & approved – moved by Simon Hoyle, sec. Roger Cooper – carried
Matters arising – none
Financial report – Our regular auditor Trevor Taylor to arrange audit on return from Beijing. Unaudited acounts were circulated to the meeting. The audited accounts will be made available on the Days Bay blog when available.
Chairman’s Report for 2007/2008 – Welcome to the 2008 Annual General Meeting of the Days Bay Residents Association. I have pleasure in reporting on the Association’s activities for the 2007-2008 year . Your committee has been working in your interests throughout the year. I believe that this has been a year of quiet achievement. The committee has met on 5 occasions during the course of the current period. We welcomed some new faces to the committee following the last AGM. I believe we are fortunate in having a committee that possesses a valuable mixture of experience and fresh thinking. The effectiveness of the committee is perhaps best judged by the content of this report.
Acknowledgements – While the Association does not have a big expense budget there are inevitably items of expenditure. The committee is mindful of the need to care for the finances of the Association and has worked diligently to maintain the available funds at a level similar to the balance recorded in previous years. From time to time, generous residents make donations to the Association. Over the years the Association has also benefited from generous sponsorship of a number of business enterprises. Our two most consistent sponsors have been the Eastbourne office of Harcourts and the Dockside Bar and Restaurant.
The Year in Review – The annual picnic held on 17th February was again an outstanding success and as well as providing local residents with a friendly social gathering also provided recent arrivals in the area the opportunity to become acquainted. The North v South tug of war is becoming increasingly competitive.
The tennis courts continue to be popular during the summer months. In this context we were very pleased to record the continuing assistance of Hutt City Council by way of a contracted maintenance programme for the lawn tennis courts.

Throughout the Association’s year we have maintained regular contact with Hutt City Council on a number of matters. Subjects of particular concern included:

 · Erosion of the beach area in front of Wellesley College

· Construction of a new footpath in front of Williams Park

 · Gravel accretion at the south end of the beach

 · Traffic congestion in front of Williams Park

 · Improved rubbish collection facilities on the waterfront

Residents cannot help but notice that Council contractors recently completed the erection of a sea wall and walkway on the north side of the wharf. When first completed, this project greatly improved the appearance of this section of the beach and road frontage. Sadly the elements have again made something of a mockery of man’s efforts. We will need to re-establish dialogue with the Council to ensure that the improvements, initially so full of promise do not simply revert to the state that prevailed in recent years.

Last year we reported that Hutt City Council is proposing a serious upgrade of the beach toilet and changing facilities. A tender has been let and subject to completion of the consent process, construction work is due to begin very soon.

We are pleased to confirm that the website proposed at our last AGM is now a reality. A number of local businesses have provided sponsorship by way of advertising. Reference to the website will confirm the names of the sponsors. Their support is appreciated. In addition our ever busy secretary Simon Hoyle has established a blog that allows us to keep residents up to date with local developments.

The gravel accretion at the south end of the beach continues to cause concern as the gravel appears to be creeping further north. Our once sandy beach has lost much of its appeal as a family summer playground. I am sure you will agree that the change is dramatic even if it has occurred over a period of 50 years or more. We are continuing to discuss possible solutions with the council. During the last 12 months the council has sponsored two visits from Coromandel based coastline expert Jim Dahm to review the harbour coastline. The committee is to consider the prospect of sponsoring a further visit from Jim to focus exclusively on the state of the Days Bay beach.

The committee is continuing to maintain a watch on the flow of traffic during summer weekends. Ironically, despite having experienced one of our better summers last summer, traffic congestion seemed to be much less of a problem. We are not sure why.

Some of our forward thinking residents who first looked back at pictures of Days Bay as it was back in the 1930s have suggested that there may be a place for re-designing the relationship of Williams Park with the beach. Such a concept could see the realignment of the road so that the Park play area and the beach became one continuous recreation area. A 1930s style pavilion building would enhance and complete the facility that will again make Days Bay the summer playground of Wellington and Hutt Valley residents. Your views on this concept are welcome.

In summary the outgoing committee has worked hard at developing the blueprint for the Association’s role in the community as set in the previous year. It is up to residents to endorse the committee’s work or to provide corrections to the thinking of the outgoing committee. Our committee members have again offered themselves for re-election. The exception is our treasurer Kevin Martin who has served the Association well both as a committee member and as treasurer. We thank Kevin for his contribution.

Thank you for your attention. John Martin, Chairman

Followed by some discussion re Williams park, Days Bay beach retaining wall & gravel accretion on beach.

Election of Officers – Current Committee – Kevin Martin resigned as Treasurer. Spencer Logan not considered as he is living out of Bays temporarily. Simon Hoyle assumed the chair while nominations were sought for chairman. John Martin re appointed as Chairman by acclamation. Simon Hoyle reappointed as secretary. Nomination for Annette Begg as treasurer – nominated by Simon Hoyle, seconded by John Butt – motion carried unanimously. Committee nominations – John Butt, moved by Annette Begg & John Rainey Smith, moved by Roger Cooper. Both nominations seconded by Simon Hoyle – motion carried unanimously. Both welcomed on committee.

General business – Simon showed photos of gravel build up on Days Bay beach – general supportive discussion. Mention of John Butt’s research into former reports, historical & current photos – these will be made available from the Days Bay website & Blog. (See Blog below) Motion by Janet Andrews -“The DBRA committee be asked to obtain a report on Days Bay beach by an independent consultant with a view to proposing to HCC short & long term plans for the preservation of Days Bay as a valuable recreation & nature area for the greater region” – seconded by Annette Begg. The motion was put and carried.

Photos were shown of a suggested replacement for the present Pavilion – an older 2 storey wooden building that might be sourced at nominal cost then relocated. Maggie Rainey Smith suggested finding a more “period” style building. In addition, realignment of the main road in conjunction with a new/old Pavilion building – supportive comments were received from the meeting but obviously more research & public consultation is needed. John Gates mentioned the infrastructure/drains, etc. in the road but Simon pointed out that future work on these would benefit with the main road not affected. Noted that Ian Miller, not present, had concerns about the road realignment option but would support a study for a character building in place of the current pavilion, but it would of course need to be cost effective. (his written comments will be presented to the DBRA committee)

Meeting closed 8.10pm followed by excellent buffet style dinner at the Chocolate Dayz Cafe. 9.15pm Jeff Tallon entertained with a talk “Ca Va?” – outlining NZ’s decline in productivity over the past 30 years & a lack of committed funding towards important scientific research – food for thought! 


Local resident John Butt has devoted much energy into researching the alarming accumulation of gravel along the Eastbourne beaches. The Days Bay Residents Association consider this gravel is threatening the local beach in our Bay to the detriment of visitors’ & residents’ enjoyment. This situation is high on our agenda for serious discussion with the Council. Watch this Blog for further devlopments.

These photos are significant – John has taken a current photo from the same location at the south end of Muritai & shows the accumulated gravel all too clearly!

Could this happen in Days Bay – see more visual examples of John’s research at

Recent research by a local into the movement of the gravel “pulse” initiated by the 1855 earthquake debris from a major slip in the Orongorongo valley was discussed. The acres of gravel built up in Muritai Bay and Robinsons Bay continues to move, recent erosion of the beach at the south end of the Rec is now visible. The front edge of this gravel pulse was recorded in 1978 at Hinds Point, and in 1985 in Muritai Bay and is clearly still moving. The pulse was recorded moving around the coast in these two scientific papers, and new research has shown the pulse has arrived in Days Bay. It is made up of many thousands of cubic meters of gravel, moving with southerly storm waves along the beach and around each point. The leading edge was recorded moving inside the harbour at 400 meters per year in 1978 and 600 meters per year in the 1985 report by Carter & Gibb.
John Butt has found photos of Eastbourne bays at the Turnbull Library and repeated these photos from almost identical places to show the changes, these are on his website. The bulk of the pulse is now on each south facing coastal strip from Lions Rock to Eastbourne wharf. The 1978 report by E R Matthews was based on an experiment where 20 tonnes of fist sized pieces of brick tiles were placed at the beach by Lake Kohangapiripiri in 1978. These “tracers” are now easy to find in Rona Bay and Days Bay. The front edge of the pulse has arrived in The Bay, explaining the build up of gravel starting at the south end.
Relevant reports:
Coastal Sediment Dynamics, Turakirae head to Eastbourne, E R Matthews 1979
Days Bay – Beach Stabilisation Lionel Carter and Jeremy Gibb 1985

Dunework 23 August 2008

August 26, 2008

Hutt City Council’s reserves coordinator Rosie Doole organises & supervises ongoing dunework with volunteers from the Bays.
More photos from our recent session at Windy Point  
Rosie writes:NZ native sand-binding plants are much more effective as fore dune plants than introduced Marram grass and exotic ice plant.  So on the front edge of the dune at Windy Point these two have been replaced with pingao (golden sand sedge) and spinifex (silvery sand grass). 
Please use the obvious paths and give the new plants time to get established.  Big thank you to everyone who came!”

Choppers in the Park

July 8, 2008

Bit of action to keep the kids amused on the first day of the hols

2 Air Force Iroquois helicopters were working with the Police Dive squad in an training session. The poor wetsuited Police repeatedly leapt into the harbour from the choppers, only to be “rescued” by winch.  Williams Park was the staging ground for refuelling.

Bay stuff

May 24, 2008

Wharf to Wharf Race – 2nd March was a howling NWster for the popular annual epic!

The Williams Park footpath is finally rebuilt – hooray! 
The last few months have seen continued activity with projects in the Bay. The sadly eroding dunes beside Marine Drive were finally reworked, following the successful pilot scheme opposite Wellesley College.

Planting the new bank is the next step.
Poop in the Pentanque – unfortunately, there are dog owners letting their 4 leggeds go wild in the grass area near the pentanque courts, beside the Days Bay tennis courts. We will approach Council to see if they can provide extra bins & perhaps bags to encourage more responsible behaviour. NB the photos above were taken recently in Yorkshire – a good working solution?

picnic.jpgThe annual DBRA Picnic was a howling success once again. Big thanks to those that supported the cause and especially to Mark Grenfell for “coming to the party” and organising all the great games.

The North won the coveted tug of war Trophy and are back in training before they head to Beijing for the international final (hadn’t you heard?)

Projects underway

March 7, 2008

At the recent “walkabout” meeting of the ECB & Hutt City representatives, local Days Bay issues were discussed.

As promised, various projects are underway – the continuation of the roadside bank has started. The Days Bay dressing shed renovation will start soon


Days Bay Team Needs You! The Eastbourne Games Days Bay team is looking for competitors of all ages and ability to represent their bay and join in on the fun.The Games will involve the 7 major ʽBaysʼ of Eastbourne competing against each other in a series of fun family-focused games. There are over 20 games planned over the course of the day including sack racing, connect four, beach art, tug-a-car, possum throwing, croquet, ready-steady-cook and much more.

Get in early as registration places are limited!!To find out more, check out or contact your local team captain Rebecca Grenfell ph 562 0166

Summer’s close

November 26, 2007

Mark your diaries now – the annual Days Bay Picnic is Sunday 17 Feb 2008

It’s that time of year again – the wharf leapers are back in business.

shelter.jpg Shaken but not stirred – the shelter has been repaired, with mesh panels replacing a couple of the original glass ones, that should improve the wind effects. (any comments from the Bay commuters?)

Your Beach, Your Say – on 14 Nov there was an excellent presentation by Jim Dahm , a coastal/beach consultant from Thames. Hutt City & Ministry of Environment have funded a report to be prepared by Jim & team to “help define the vision and start a coastal community action plan” . Submissions are encouraged – email rosie.doole@huttcity.govt.nzbefore 14 December. The Days Bay Residents Assoc. will be making a submission, with emphasis on our concern of gravel accretion at the south end of the Bay.

Stormwater Pond solution!The Days Bay Association Committee continue to liaise with Hutt City, reminding them of local issues and concerns. We are pleased that HCC have come up with a interesting solution to the Moana Road stormwater pond on the beach. stormwater_pond.jpgThey will trial a “gabion basket” concept – a pit will be dug and the basket wrapped in geotextile cloth, with a coarse layer of sand above to permit rapid infiltration of water. This will hopefully allow the present ponding water to drain through the sand and filter to the sea. This project is scheduled to be completed before the end of the month.

Bigger rubbish bins – again responding to a DBRA request, HCC plan to trial adding new 45 gallon litter drums to the existing small containers, for the summer months.

Days Bay lawn Tennis Courts– John Martin, president of DBRA has spoken with HCC about the state of the tennis courts but has been assured that HCC has still undertaken to maintain these and will be chivvying the contractor to start.


New Pavement – Another project has been completed. The rebuilt smooth footpath around from Days Bay to Windy Point is proving popular with walkers, skateboarders, etc. Local groups and the DBRA have been lobbying HCC for an improved road & footpath right through Days Bay. We are discussing options in front of Williams Park. The planned rebuild of the dunes beside Marine Drive (to the north of the wharf) is expected to start at the end of summer.

Williams Park Crossing – if the latest weather is an indication, Days Bay could see a number of those hot sunny weekend days when the crossing becomes a major bottleneck for traffic moving through the Bay. The DBRA have discussed this at length and are always open to suggested solutions. If you have an idea please contact us