DBRA AGM 25 August 2010

September 25, 2010

Minutes of the Days Bay Residents Association AGM 25 August 2010 – Cobar Restaurant, Days Bay. AGM started 7pm. with a short historical av presentation

Chairman John Martin welcomed everyone. The DBRA recognises residents who have made a significant contribution to the community, in particular Jan & Arnold Heine – a formal thank you for all they have done for Days Bay, planting & general community spirit. Invited as DBRA guests to this AGM Dinner.

Difibrillator presentation – Fire Chief Ross Carroll showed a lifepack unit as carried in their trucks. This is the same unit that has been offered to Days Bay by Wal Louden of the Eastbourne First Response Trust. Shelf life of 2 years – pads & batteries need to be replaced. Suggestions & discussion for where to place such a unit. Diane Cheyne suggested Boat Shed, Di Asher – outside of building (cf BoatShed) could be subject to vandalism & should be inside a building, perhaps in Southlight Gallery by Choc Dayz Cafe which is open every day. This discussion will be continued with new DBRA committee & those volunteering to be trained – John Rainey Smith, Joan Martin, Janet Andrews, Simon Hoyle, Hayley Crawford, Rebecca Chevalier, Roger Cooper, Chris Sliper, Diane Seward, Ian Sliper, Jan Heine, Claire Schmidt, Tamsin Mason, Brian Nightingale. NB The Eastbourne First Response Trust have assured that any training costs will be covered by the Trust.

Present – Hayley & Gary Crawford, Simon Hoyle & Janet Andrews, John & Joan Martin, Maggie & John Rainey Smith + Tom & Jude, Diane & Terry Seward, Arnold & Jan Heine, John Butt, Rebecca & Neil Chevalier, Liz & Brian Nightingale, Robyn & Roger, Cooper, Ron & June Cambie, Gerry Thyne & Steph Middleton, Malcolm & Mary Sanderson + son, Chris & Ian Sliper, Mark & Mandy Grenfell, Tamsin Mason, Shona & Trevor Taylor, Valerie Blennerhassett, Ginny Horrocks, Margaret Press, Owen & Jenny Symmans, Clair Schmidt & Hamish Morison, Anthony Walton, Alan, Diane Cheyne, Adele Broadbent, David Woodnorth

Apologies – Mary Greig & Barry Clayton, Annette Begg, Blair & Judith Treadwell, Ian & Lynne Miller, Bev & John Austad, Tony & Mandy McMaster, Steve & Annette Waring, Helen Bremner, Noel & Louise Smith, John Horrocks, Christine Reuhman, Graham Thomson, John Sladden – moved Chris Sliper, sec Brian Nightingale

Minutes from AGM 2009 – mentioned these have been online & copies available at AGM. Moved as read John Rainey Smith, sec. Robyn Cooper, all aye.

Correspondence – none

Financial – Annette Begg not present but copies of the Financial Statements presented. The committee had read & approved these at recent committee meeting. Moved as audited by John Sladden – Roger Cooper, sec. Diane Cheyne

Chairman’s Report – notes from John Martin

Election of Officers – nb a motion was presented by Simon Hoyle “that the committee shall be made up of approx 10 volunteers or nominated at the AGM & the incumbent chairman should organise a meeting within 2 months from the AGM when the committee members will choose new chairperson, secretary & treasurer” seconded by John Butt, motion carried unanimously. Nomiknation – Amelia Manson – not present but willing to be nominated by Diane Cheyne, sec by Justin Bloomfield?. Trevor Taylor moved that existing members of committee be re-nominated. Motion carried & committee duly elected – first meeting is planned for October. Committee will comprise John Martin, Blair Treadwell, Diane Cheyne, Ian  Miller, Roger Cooper, John Butt, Annette Begg, Tony McMaster, Cameron Sanders, Stephanie Middleton, Amelia Manson & John Rainey-Smith. NB Simon Hoyle had resigned as secretary & committee member.

Proposed development concerns – Dave Woodnorth brought attention to the proposed development above Waerenga Road – new house(s) which will affect the ridge line. There are 2 issues of contention before the Council – extensive excavation proposed & removal of extensive vegetation from the ridge line. The resource consent application is in notification stage – large visual impact not seen as important enough to be publically notified. Dave will call a residents meeting for those interested – letterbox drop. Anyone can apply for a copy of the resource consent application. Comment from Adele Broadbent who notes that this development will have a huge visual impact as there are only 2 spurs still wooded & other is in Williams Park. Maybe we have to look at getting Wellington Regional Council to buy some more land.

Tsunami warnings – Di Asher – reporting on Hutt Valley Emergency Management Office – discussion on parameters of the maps to come from this meeting – Red zone 1 metre Tsunami, Orange zone 2 metre, Yellow zone 3 metre

General Business – comments re Annual Picnic after poor attendance last year – put banner on park or community noticeboard. John Martin asked for show of hands to continue the Picnic – all favourtable. Date did clash with Phoenix soccer game in town. Friday evening instead of Sunday?

John Martin thanked everyone for their attendance. Meeting adjourned 8pm.

Excellent Cobar dinner followed (44 tickets sold) then guest Speaker Bob Maysmor gave a superb presentation “The Alphabet of Travel” – photos illustrating his & wife Alison’s world travels.
Simon Hoyle, sec.


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