DBRA Public Meeting Tue 20 April 2010

May 31, 2010

Minutes of DBRA Public Meeting Tue 20 April 2010 7.30pm at Wellesley College, Days Bay

Present 57 (+ a few?) Apologies Bev & John Austad, Graham Thomson, Elliot Barnes, Peter & Elizabeth Driessen

Introduction by chairperson John Martin – three issues: 1 Gravel accretion, 2 Dunes & sand erosion, 3 Moana Rd storm water pond. DBRA committee has no authority to act to solve these issues but is concerned & is providing information to Days Bay residents. The meeting will present some of the committee’s findings about the issues of the beach degradation and will ask for a vote – Is there a problem & are you concerned? If so we will plan to meet again in June & hope to have sought further advice from coast care experts.

7.40pm John Butt presented his PowerPoint show on his findings about the gravel pulse, tracer studies, examples of historical & modern photos showing the gravel movement.

8.20pm John Martin opened the meeting for discussion

Krista Huber – 14 year resident & doesn’t consider gravel a problem in the Bay – suggested remedies not necessary apart from the aesthetic aspect . . . ?

John Martin? – Days Bay is one of the few sandy beaches left in Wellington Harbour & some feel it should be saved as such

Warren Owen – showed a number of photos taken during summer, of sunny sandy beach north of the wharf – doesn’t want to change the dynamic of the beach by moving the Park. He has seen no changes in the past 20 years.

Diane Seward – geologist at VUW has recently returned to Days Bay and has noticed the problem with the gravel. Don’t be too hurried to find a solution to a problem that may or not exist.

John Butt – gravel is already 3 metres deep (at Robinson’s Bay?) – yes, still a lot of sand. Some gravel has already arrived in Days Bay.

Susan Guthrie – why is the road solution being proposed & what comes next? John Martin answered – DBRA has no authority & no mandate to do anything but pass on information & residents’ views to Council, etc.

Ian Miller – we should assess whether there was something we can do – monitoring, close watch – this is an appropriate place for thoughts & brief discussion – planting sand dunes – what do people want?

John Martin – next step – approach authorities

Ginny Horrocks – want more information about options

Jan Heine – Coast Care planting in the north end of the Bay – seems successful so far

Tony Hutchins – if there is to be a vote on the problem we need to be clear on what is the problem – gravel is a monster

John Butt – gravel is sure to come & sand is sure to go

Warren – questions “expertise” of presentation

Owen Symmonds – 1 is there a problem or not? Is this the important question/ Must discuss this before any process

Di Asher – has walked the beach for 15 years & noticed changes from one extreme to another during any season – stony beach in summer, sand in winter – we are fighting a natural process

John Butt – new sea wall encourages sand loss

John Horrocks – questions “inevitable force of nature – that’s a contradiction since we have a wall built, etc. We can’t just let nature take its course. We do have a problem and the DBRA committee should be empowered to go further

Blair Treadwell – important that people understand there are 2 separate problems – gravel & sand erosion. We can see the gravle is a problem. Sand erosion requires dune building & that is why the road moving was suggested, to allow more room to let the dunes work

Valerie Blennerhasset – 40 year resident & encourages us to attend the Coast Care group, meetings, etc. (this Thursday) to learn about the value of dunes

Diane Cheyne – long time resident – no problem with beach & hasn’t noticed change – why is the DBRA discussing this when not qualified?

Judy Treadwell – sad there has been so much distress with the issues – has produced a lot discomfort with residents – was the road proposal just an idea DBRA proposed to challenge us?

Noel Smith – was the Wahine storm of 1968 responsible for the increase in gravel?

John Butt – outlined the 4 options proposed in the mail out last year – the “road option” simply required more information to present

John Martin asks for a vote – if you believe that Days Bay beaches face a problem – 37 yes, 16 no

Moira – established 2 problems – gravel & sand – fair comment

John Martin asks for a vote – should the DBRA proceed with gathering information & making contact with authorities about beach issues & solutions – 37 yes, 16 no

Warren – asks for transparency in all proceedings

John Martin asks that the Wellesley board are welcome to write & ask this & the committee will respond

A big thank you to Wellesley for allowing use of the school hall for this meeting.

Finish 9.30pm approx.


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