AGM 2009 Minutes

August 26, 2009

Minutes of Days Bay Residents Association AGM Wed 26 August 2009 – Cobar Restaurant, 612 Marine Drive, Days Bay – opening 7.00pm

Present – Bev & John Austed, Don Barrett & Brenda Smith, Ray Walters & Carla Bently, Valerie Blennerhassett, Helen Bremner, John Butt & Annette Begg, Rebecca & Neil Chevalier, Diane Cheyne, Robyn & Roger Cooper, Hayley & Gary Crawford, Sarah Crawford, Andrew & Jaqueline Dearle, Charles Gordon, Mary Greig & Barry Clayton, Mark Grenfell, Simon Hoyle & Janet Andrews, Don & Michelle Long, Amelia Manson, Belinda Martin, John & Joan Martin, John & Juliet Mills, Liz & Brian Nightingale, Eve & Warren Owen, Ian & Lynne Miller, Malcolm & Mary Sanderson, Maggie & John Rainey Smith, Chris & Ian Sliper, Tamsin Mason, Claire Schmidt & Hamish Morrison, John Sladden, Jenny Symmans, Blair & Judith Treadwell, Lucy Treadwell, Ginny Horrocks, Noel Smith, Steve & Annette Waring ( any missing, please email with names )

Apologies – Grace Dawson, Jorgensen Family, Tony & Amanda McMaster, John Horrocks, Owen Symmans

Minutes of last AGM read – motion to be taken as read & approved – moved by John Rainey Smith. Seconded by Don Long

Financial report – DBRA Treasurer Annette Begg circulated statement of accounts, audited by John Sladden. Currently DBRA has approx $10,000 in savings.

Chairman’s Report by John Martin – The committee has met on 7 occasions throughout the 12 months period that has elapsed since our last AGM. A highlight of the year was the completion and opening of the upgraded changing facility on the beach, followed by the removal of the old toilet block. Another successful picnic was held in February this year. For the second successive year the north team prevailed in the Tug o War competition. The Association has retained its contact with Hutt City Council and the Eastbourne Community Board. Last November the Association wrote to HCC requesting prior notification of any further telecommunication box installations after noting complaints from Eastbourne residents who were concerned by the installation of a substantial steel box adjacent to the 4 Square in Eastbourne Village apparently without prior notification. After initially receiving a negative from HCC the Association was subsequently invited to comment on the proposed installation of a further telecommunications box at the lower end of Moana Road. Association Committee members visited the site and agreed that there appeared to be no impediment to installation.

The Eastbourne Community Board conducted its walkabout on 28 February 2009 and met with committee representatives to discuss local events and concerns. In recent years we have commented on the changing appearance of the beach. A number of reports have been completed by experts over a considerable period of time but without any apparent response from the Councils. On 15 November 2008 committee representatives were briefed by Lionel Carter one of the co authors of the Carter Gibb report completed in 1985. In January we pointed out to HCC that beach sanding problems are not unique to days Bay and environs. The new Zealand Herald reported on 14 January that ACC had spent money on re-sanding the Point Chevalier beach.

The Association has been governed by a constitution that has fortunately not had to be used with any regularity. It does seem that the Association was incorporated in July 1979. Although there was a reprint of the document in 1997, the constitution is in need of overhaul if for no other reason than it still refers to The Eastbourne Borough Council. Updating of the Constitution is a task to be considered by the incoming committee. Obviously any change to the constitution will require to be ratified by a vote at a general meeting.

At our AGM last year we referred to the various concerns voiced by residents particularly the gravel accretion on the beach as well as the ponding of stormwater an the beach at the stormwater drain outlet at the beach end of Moana Road. Local newspapers have also reported on local problems another of which is the erosion of sand from the Council installed retaining walls and the potential undermining of the road in front of Wellesley College. Expert opinion suggest hat the best way to retain sand on the beach is to re-establish sand dunes along the beach with suitable beach grasses being planted to help stabilise the dunes.

Although less of a problem last Summer, the use of the pedestrian crossing in front of Williams Park on fine weekends during Summer and the resultant traffic build up has been a cause of frustration to residents in recent years. All these things have prompted the committee to consider whether there is a better and composite way to address these issues that cause concern to at least some residents. The alternative is for Council to apply “sticking plaster” to problems as they reach a level that requires an urgent response.

Residents will have now seen the concept released by the Association in a recent mail box drop. I do not propose to enter into discussion on the subject at this meeting. As we have previously indicated, the subject of possible change to our Days Bay waterfront is of a level of importance that requires it its own meeting. Tonight you will elect a new committee for the Days Bay Residents Association. If the incoming committee shares the view of the outgoing committee as regards the prospect of changing our waterfront then I anticipate that the new committee will call a general meting of residents to discuss the concept to date and hear the views of residents as regards the support for change. Please remember that any concept agreed by residents will then need to be submitted to the Eastbourne Community Board and ultimately the Hutt City Council for approval and adoption.

Finally I would like to acknowledge again the support of our committee members – a group that I believe is genuinely committed to making Days Bay a great place to live. In particular we thank the outgoing committee members Rebecca Chevalier, Hayley Crawford & Robyn Cooper for their contribution & energy.

Tamsin Mason of Harcourts has kindly offered to sponsor a DBRA news column in the Eastbourne Herald on bi-monthly basis.

John Sladden has offered to audit the DBRA financial accounts.

Warren Owen spoke from the floor – suggested we should reconsider whether there is a problem at all & not waste further time on the “road concept”. Brief discussion from the floor ensued. Judith Treadwell moved – since many interested parties were not present tonight, we should plan a Special General Meeting to discuss the issues raised in the recent newlsetter. Discussion – Valerie Blennerhasset spoke to the motion – encouraging everyone to study the beach & science regarding erosion – mentioned the number of recent local meetings on this subject. Animated discussion ensued – Diane Cheyne attempted to read her letter but stopped by Chair. Ian Miller voiced his objection to the plan. John Martin (chairman) reminded all that the AGM was not to be a decision making meeting & closed further discussion. Motion above was voted & carried.

Election of Officers – all committee positions vacated at AGM. Nominations for 11 positions – current committee members Annette Begg, John Butt, Simon Hoyle, John Martin, Tony McMaster, John Rainey Smith, Cam Sanders, Blair Treadwell plus nominations Roger Cooper (nominated by Robyn Cooper), Ian Miller (Mary Greig) & Diane Cheyne (Warren Owen) – all nominations carried by acclamation.

General business – Sarah Crawford, ECB raised the issue of the current protection status of the 9 Norfolk Pine trees in Days Bay,  – motion that
DBRA make a submission to list the 9 Norfolk Pines as protected in the Urban Forest Plan. Discussion – Ian Miller noted that more information was require to make an informed submission from the DBRA. Voting – motion passed.

Meeting closed 8.05pm. followed by dinner & an entertaining presentation from local author Maggie Rainey Smith “Chasing the Muse”


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