Hutt City’s Urban Forest Plan

July 23, 2009

The urban forest provides a wide range of benefits which are essential to the health and function of the City today and into the future.  It is our pleasure to present the Draft version of Council’s first Urban Forest Plan. It’s now time for people to let Council know whether the document is going to provide the right direction for Council’s Urban Forest. The City’s Urban Forest is a great responsibility and if we manage it well will bring us and future residents tremendous benefits. As it exists today, the urban forest provides a wonderful foundation which can be enhanced over time in a strategic way.

Our urban forest is attractive in its own right BUT it also provides us with vital services – climate control, habitat, biodiversity, soil conservation, water quality conservation, carbon sequestration, gas and nutrient cycling. Overseas studies also point out the importance of urban forests in terms of improved property values, community well being and recreation opportunities. The urban forest provides a seasonal indicator. Elements of our urban forest have important historical and cultural associations.

“Trees are a symbol of endurance and are paramount in our lives. They must be planted and handed over intact from generation to generation.” Ron Flook, 1932 – 2006

The document outlines the components of our urban forest and proposes methods for maintaining and improving the forest in order to offer the city more benefits. Let’s aim for a sustainable forest where, even though our urban forest depends on human intervention, outputs far exceed inputs. Let’s manage the naturally occurring and planted trees to provide the City and Region with enhanced ecological, environmental, community and amenity benefits.

HCC looks forward to receiving your comments, which will be used to improve this draft.


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