duneLocal volunteers continue to try and rebuild the dunes north of the wharf. Over the past year, we have learned more about coastal care from a number of meetings, talks & workshops coordinated by the Hutt City. The left photo shows the encouraging results from planting sessions last year.

A coast care meeting will be held at Muritai school library on June the 17th at 7.30pm. The meeting will include a short film by Quinnovic about dune restoration called “Every¬†Grain of Sand”, a talk by Dave Olson an MSc student on his study of the Eastbourne gravel pulse, hopefully a discussion of Jim Dahm’s report on the Eastbourne coast – if a draft has been completed, and discussion regarding local coastal issues and events.


footpathLots of action with recent roadworks in the Bay. After the Moana Road storm water rebuild last year, Telecom/Chorus deposited a green box close to the junction of Moana & the main road – to improve the broadband network.

Hutt City decided to improve the safety of the pedestrian crossing at this same junction, by moving it 4 metres to the south. In addition, they plan to widen the footpath into the roadway, either side of the crossing. This makes folk more visible whilst waiting to cross.

The Council approached the local business owners along the strip, to consider continuing a wider footpath in front of the Cafes with a cost sharing model. 

Voila – shortly this project will be complete & the Cafes will be able to offer dining on the footpath – a welcome option for early morning winter sun!