Summer’s close

November 26, 2007

Mark your diaries now – the annual Days Bay Picnic is Sunday 17 Feb 2008

It’s that time of year again – the wharf leapers are back in business.

shelter.jpg Shaken but not stirred – the shelter has been repaired, with mesh panels replacing a couple of the original glass ones, that should improve the wind effects. (any comments from the Bay commuters?)

Your Beach, Your Say – on 14 Nov there was an excellent presentation by Jim Dahm , a coastal/beach consultant from Thames. Hutt City & Ministry of Environment have funded a report to be prepared by Jim & team to “help define the vision and start a coastal community action plan” . Submissions are encouraged – email rosie.doole@huttcity.govt.nzbefore 14 December. The Days Bay Residents Assoc. will be making a submission, with emphasis on our concern of gravel accretion at the south end of the Bay.

Stormwater Pond solution!The Days Bay Association Committee continue to liaise with Hutt City, reminding them of local issues and concerns. We are pleased that HCC have come up with a interesting solution to the Moana Road stormwater pond on the beach. stormwater_pond.jpgThey will trial a “gabion basket” concept – a pit will be dug and the basket wrapped in geotextile cloth, with a coarse layer of sand above to permit rapid infiltration of water. This will hopefully allow the present ponding water to drain through the sand and filter to the sea. This project is scheduled to be completed before the end of the month.

Bigger rubbish bins – again responding to a DBRA request, HCC plan to trial adding new 45 gallon litter drums to the existing small containers, for the summer months.

Days Bay lawn Tennis Courts– John Martin, president of DBRA has spoken with HCC about the state of the tennis courts but has been assured that HCC has still undertaken to maintain these and will be chivvying the contractor to start.


New Pavement – Another project has been completed. The rebuilt smooth footpath around from Days Bay to Windy Point is proving popular with walkers, skateboarders, etc. Local groups and the DBRA have been lobbying HCC for an improved road & footpath right through Days Bay. We are discussing options in front of Williams Park. The planned rebuild of the dunes beside Marine Drive (to the north of the wharf) is expected to start at the end of summer.

Williams Park Crossing – if the latest weather is an indication, Days Bay could see a number of those hot sunny weekend days when the crossing becomes a major bottleneck for traffic moving through the Bay. The DBRA have discussed this at length and are always open to suggested solutions. If you have an idea please contact us