All go on the footpath!

October 5, 2007


Curtis the flagman is happier with the weather today! As promised, work has begun on repairing and improving the footpath from Days Bay to Windy Point.

In a phone call to the DBRA, Chris Close of the Hutt City updated on other projects

the Changing Sheds tenders will be opened 8th October and it is looking like work will start late summer

Marine Drive seawall the engineer has been commissioned to complete design work and proceed with necessary permits – still hoping to complete before Xmas.

At the recent meeting of your Days Bay Residents Committee, we welcomed Rebecca Chevalier to the group. The AGM Dinner & Historical Show in August was considered a success. We continue to monitor issues with HCC and feel pleased that most of these projects are completed, underway or very close – wharf shelter, footpath, changing sheds, main road erosion.

Our Days Bay website is also close to going live.

Summer is also close and remember –
“All power corrupts, but we need the electricity”